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What is TimeTree?

A calendar made with the assumption of sharing

TimeTree was made with the assumption of the method of managing schedules being "sharing and communication." For example, as if a calendar to be hung on a living room wall is in your smartphone. Its features are that it makes sharing incredibly easy and you can communicate within the calendar.

Monthly calendar image

Group calendar

Everyone's schedules in one calendar

You can make use of multiple calendars to easily share your schedules with various people for various purposes, such as family, friends, clubs, and work teams.

Monthly calendar image

Details of plans

The schedule screen is a chat room

Each plan has a communication space, and comments and images can be sent It can be used in many ways depending on what ideas you can think of, such to discuss preparations before an event or to record memories after an event.

Image of the keep summary screen


Save plans without fixed dates

Keep is a place to write and store events that are supposed to have their dates fixed later on. Not just that, but you can also use it as a place to store ToDo lists of tasks that you have to do and simple notes. How you use it is up to you.

Timeline screen image


Timeline in the group calendar

When new plans are registered or updated (schedule edits, comments, likes, etc.), that history will appear with the newest first.

User Stories

Life that changes with TimeTree

Michael from Oberasbach, Germany.

Michael from Oberasbach, Germany.

The calendar looked like a battlefield.

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Fukagawa family

Fukagawa family

Share your work appointments with each other, so that handing over duties for picking up the kids from preschool goes smoothly.

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Mr and Mrs Matsuda

Mr and Mrs Matsuda

Organize information by date and share it! Eradicate the stress from losing information that tends to get buried in chat apps

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Ms Kaneko and family

Ms Kaneko and family

Manage school printouts and forms by saving them as photos in a shared calendar

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Service Stories

TimeTree from its beginning until today

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