Thinking Tomorrow Together

"Deciding how to make the best out of our time" has always been the question. Some may argue 'Time' is an extension of oneself. Yet, it is not something that is your own, but extended towards others; families and friends that we hold dear enough that our 'Time' extends towards them.

From a typical day with the family, a special date with that someone, or a birthday of your best friend, TimeTree helps to accommodate events of your interest and time. Our purpose is to help you to plan events with those around you and with things to do around you. We hope that by doing this, everyone will be able to choose a better future and enjoy a more practical life.

Office View

Office built with our own hands

Although we aim to have an office space where everyone wishes to work at, anyone is always welcome to work wherever they wish to work at. The office is in a relaxing open area, always stocked with snacks and beverages. It is an office that makes conversation starting easy, engaging, and fun.

Company Information

TimeTree, Inc.

Company (Japanese): 株式会社TimeTree Founded: September 1st, 2014 Address: Shinjuku Kokusai Building Annex 503, 6-6-3 Nishishinjuku, Shinjuku, Tokyo CEO: Yasuto Fukagawa