Now, about tomorrow...
In order to improve

What do we use our time for? is one of the essential questions of life. You can look at time as being a part of yourself. But this important time is not something you can choose on your own. It is something that is colored by your relationships with the people that you spend every day with.

A normal day in your family. A date with your special someone. Your friend's birthday. The match of your favorite sports team. A concert of a musician you like. A local festival. TimeTree helps you connect the people around you and the things you like with your time so you can decide on what to do tomorrow. We hope that this will enable everyone to choose a better future and, by building up on these tomorrows, to enjoy a richer life.

View of the office

A space we create with our own hands

We aim for an office where you will always find yourself wanting to go to even though you can choose where you work. We create a space that is open and relaxing, has various drinks and sweets, and naturally encourages conversations to start.

Company information

TimeTree Corporation

Japanese notation: 株式会社TimeTree Founded: September 1st, 2014 Address: Shinjuku Kokusai Building Annex 503, 6-6-3 Nishishinjuku, Shinjuku, Tokyo President: Yasuto Fukagawa