New Calendar View Layout

TimeTree would like to thank everyone for your continuous support🌱

As previously mentioned, TimeTree’s newest update with version 7.0.0 introduced a change regarding the calendar layout!

What has changed?

(1) Simpler without Tabs

The new calendar view, without various tabs compared to the previous version, should be much more simple to use. 

(2) Now with Memos appearing from below

Memos (previously Keep) will now appear underneath the monthly view calendar if created. You can now view and share To-Do lists & shopping lists while going through your calendars.

(3) Accessible Feeds

You can now go through new feed items by scrolling down from the monthly calendar. You may now also add comments and share images more easily with the changes.

Updating TimeTree to 7.0.0 will allow you to use the new calendar layout.

※Since iOS ver. 7.0.0 or later are supported from only iOS 12 or later, for those using iOS 11 or previous versions, we ask you to update your current OS.

For a limited time, you may switch back and forth between the new and old calendar layout.

If you wish to use the previous layout, you can do so from [App Settings] > [TimeTree Lab]. (This feature will be only available for a short period of time and will be unavailable in the future.)

Please do try out the new layout and let us know what you think about it, as we appreciate any feedback. → Survey for new calendar layout 

We appreciate your continuous support once again, and look forward to bring you more exciting changes in the future.

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