Notice of end of support for "Shared Events" function that allows sharing individual events

"Shared Events" allows sharing individual appointments with users who are not members of a shared calendar. Support will end for "Shared Events" on May 31, 2021, at about 10:00 Eastern Time UTC -4 (14:00 Coordinated Universal Time UTC +0).

Thank you for using "Shared Events" until now!

*Please note that sharing a calendar with others such as family members, partners, friends, and colleagues will remain unchanged. “Shared Events” does not affect “Shared Calendars”.

Schedule until the end of the service

The "Shared Events" function will be terminated in the following phases:

  • From April 26, 2021, new events cannot be created by using the "Shared Events" function.

* From April 26 to May 31 2021, we will provide backup data of the events to those who are using the "Shared Events" function.

  • May 31, 2021, about 10:00 Eastern Time UTC -4 (14:00 UTC +0) "Shared Events" function will be removed from the app and “Shared Events” created in the past cannot be viewed.

Backup of event data of your "Shared Events"

  • We will provide event data from "Shared Events" between April 26, 2021 to May 31, 2021

We will send the schedule data file to the email address registered in TimeTree (only if you wish).

*We will confirm if you wish to receive the data file in an update that will be released on April 26th. Please wait until then.

*If you have not registered your email address to your account, you need to register it. For more details, please refer to this help page.

  • Images posted using the "Shared Events" function are not included in the backup data. Please save the posted images by May 31, 2021, 10:00 Eastern Time UTC -4 (14:00 UTC +0).

  • Please note that all data and personal information that was saved when “Shared Events” was used will be deleted within 90 days (by August 31).

  • Please note that data cannot be recovered after it is deleted.

Thank you!

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