The TimeTree app is now available in 14 languages!

TimeTree is used by many people not only in Japan but also in Asia and Europe. The app version supports 14 languages ​​in addition to Japanese and English.

In August, we completely reviewed the translated content of each language and released it as a complete version along with the help page!

🗣 Languages ​​supported by TimeTree Japanese / English / English (UK) * / English (Australia) * / Korean / Simplified Chinese / Traditional Chinese / German / French / Portuguese / Spanish / Italian / Malay / Russian / Indonesian / Thai word * Only iOS version can be selected

📍 Help page

How to switch languages ​​in the app

Changing language settings is very easy. ・Tap the "-" 3 lines at the top left of the application ・Tap "App Settings" ・Tap by selecting "Language" on the setting screen ・Restart the application A little maniac usage

Not to mention those who speak each language as their mother tongue, there are other maniac usages as well!

The calendar design is basically universal. Some users take advantage of that feature and use the calendars that they are used to for other languages ​​to study foreign languages. Why don't you use the calendar to study foreign languages?

I listened to the members who were in charge of the translation project!

We interviewed Ogawa (Cathy) and Essi (Hanna) of the User Relation Team who are in charge of translation and communication with overseas users!

——Thank you for localization! What were you in charge of? Cathy I mainly designed the whole translation project. We translated 14 languages ​​by 4 TimeTree members.

Actually, all the outside supporters who are involved in the translation are TimeTree users. We are looking for people who can help with translation by issuing a notification in the application. I was in charge of their recruiting, contracting and overall communication. Hanna I translated Indonesian, Portuguese and Malay and created a help page! I communicated with supporters every day and was in charge of checking manuscripts, providing feedback, creating help pages, and coordinating with internal engineers.

——Which country do you often use TimeTree for? Cathy Currently, there are many Taiwan and Germany. Most people use it to share their important appointments with their family and partners.

One of the most memorable episodes is that you often made donations from users in Europe and the US before you started the advertising business with TimeTree Ads. I was very happy to receive many warm support messages saying, "I want you to donate because I want you to continue with good service!"

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——Translating 14 languages ​​is really difficult... How did you proceed with the translation work?

Hanna: There were many emails for communication with all supporters. After that, we prepared translation guidelines and translated documents that could be edited online, and proceeded with daily translation through joint editing. Since there are supporters all over the world, it was hard for each other because the online meetings were held in the early morning or midnight due to the time difference (laugh). It is memorable that all the supporters actively made additional translation improvements without asking us from here. Since I used to use TimeTree a lot, I had a good understanding of the functions and specifications, so I trusted and entrusted me with the work. I am grateful!

——Thank you for the translation project! I hope people in many countries will continue to use it in the future!

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