Making your memos handy

TimeTree’s memo feature lets you keep track of your undecided plans and events.

For example…

  • Events with undecided dates

  • Reminders of things you’ll have to do someday

  • Checklist for daily housework or shopping

…and tons of other things.


‘Memo’ comes with the checklist feature. A handy tool for your daily needs, great for your housework, reminders, and self-management.

Part 1 Memos for your daily housework and shopping

Do you ever have these moments where you’re in a supermarket, and you’re like: “Ack! I forgot to buy something!”.  Just make a list, and you’re good!

Don’t forget to make a checklist for your weekend housework, too!

Part 2 Preparing for important plans and events

Try making a checklist of what you currently have.

Use it to sort things out in advance, so you’ll have it easy on the day before the event.

Part 3 Memos for your work and personal goals

Memos and checklists shine even on the daily work scene. Share your notes with the rest of the team, the easy way.

More remote work, more health concerns. Try making a daily workout menu.

Please see the help page for details on how to use the memo/checklist.

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