User Story - Team Coordination at American Medical Students Associatio

We asked Penny, the president of the American Medical Students Association, about how TimeTree is being used. 

Q; Penny, tell us a bit about yourself and the association.

I’m a student at the University of Houston-Downtown and the president of our American Medical Students Association (AMSA).

About AMSA

University of Houston Downtown’s American Medical Student Association (AMSA) is a premedical student organization that provides its members with opportunities to increase their candidacy for medical school or their respective graduate programs. Our AMSA chapter thrives on creating a healthy environment for premedical students and other health professions alike by facilitating “collaboration over competition.”

Q; You have four calendars! Tell us how and with whom you use each calendar?

Sure. I have a personal calendar, the AMSA calendar that our members have access to, an AMSA Officer calendar for officers to add tentatively planned events to, and I’m also a member of the American Student Dental Association who uses TimeTree.

Below are screenshots of our shared AMSA calendar. The officer calendar is used to add tentative events while we’re planning. This helps alleviates schedule conflicts and promotes cooperativity since each officer is notified of upcoming events.

Q;What kind of events do you share with your members?

Our AMSA calendar is our front-facing calendar for all members. After events are added to the officer TimeTree calendar [and subsequently confirmed] they are added to the main AMSA calendar. Members can browse events (ex: Monthly general meetings, workshops (CPR Training, Stop the Bleed, and Medical School Admissions Workshops, and seminars) here and RSVP to let us know they’re planning to attend. This is valuable information for our sponsors and organizations who host events for AMSA.

Our virtual calendar events are for events that aren’t planned by our chapter, but still beneficial. In order not to clog up our main calendar, we place links and information to outside organization’s events there.

Q;What benefits have you seen using this app?

I love the application, especially since learning that it’s available via desktop and that the application allows for members to limit notifications to events they’ve RSVP’d to.

Penny, Thank you for sharing your experience with us!

TimeTree Team

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