【Bug Fixed】Syncing with another TimeTree account when sharing an Apple ID  2020 Nov.5

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【Bug Fixed】Syncing with another TimeTree account when sharing an Apple ID 2020 Nov.5

(Updated Nov.6 at 18:50 to add relase information) Thank you always for using TimeTree. In iOS App versions 7.2.1-7.3.0, TimeTree accounts are unintentionally synchronized if ‘all’ of the following conditions are met.    

  • The same Apple ID is shared and used by multiple devices.  (※)  

  • The iCloud Keychain setting is turned on each device.    

  • A different TimeTree account is used for each device.

(※)It refers to the Apple ID you are using to log in to your iOS device. Nothing related to the TimeTree “Sign in with Apple” feature. We have released a fix,Ver.7.3.1.  ( If there is no update available when you open the App Store, please search ‘TimeTree’ and go to the details page.)

—- 1. Update TimeTree to Ver.7.3.1 on all iOS devices logged in with the same Apple ID 2. Open the TimeTree app on all your devices 3. Log in with your account on the device where the TimeTree account has been switched. —-

We apologize with utmost sincerity to anyone who has been affected by this problem. We have been and will continue to make every effort to ensure such incident will not reoccur in the future.

If the problem persists after trying the above steps or if you have any questions, please contact us at TimeTree Team ====

Below are alternative ways until a fixed version is released

In the meantime, you can resolve the problem by following one of the ways below. 【1】 1.Uninstall the TimeTree app 2.Turn off iCloud Keychain settings 3. Install the TimeTree app after 2 【2】 1. Log out a TimeTree account that has been unintentionally synchronized 2. Set up a different Apple ID 3. Log in to your TimeTree account ====

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