TimeTree Privacy Policy

JUBILEE WORKS, Inc. (hereinafter referred as “Company”) understands that users (“User” or “Users”) entrust the Company with their personal information based on the trust that it will be used only for specific purposes. The Company respects such Users’ trust and places a high management priority on properly protecting such personal information and limiting its use to such purposes.
Based on the above recognition, the Company has established the following polices regarding handling of personal information and will continuously endeavor to handle it appropriately.

1. Obtaining personal information

The Company will obtain Users’ personal information through the Service as follow.

* Information registered by Users when they start to use the Service
* Information voluntarily input by users when using various functions of the Service
* Information on OS version, language and regional information
* Log data when using the Company’s application

2. Purpose of use

Personal information we collect may be used for the following purposes.
Responses to customer introduction and inquiries in relation to the Service.
Efforts to cope with the violations of our Company’s regulations and policies regarding the Service.
Efforts to improve and customize the Service to the interests of our users, including research and analysis.
Informing Users about conspicuous impacts or influences to our Service; outstanding alterations of the Service or suspension of the Service etc.
Providing Users with information on services and products of our Company, advertisers and other affiliated companies.
Other similar purposes.

3. Providing personal information to third parties

1. Without any prior consent of the individual, Company will not provide personal information to any third parties, except for cases permitted under the Personal Information Protection Law and other related laws and regulations, and the following cases.
When entrusting an individual or entity to handle all or any part of personal information within the purpose of use.
When Users’ personal information is transferred to an individual or entity following mergers and acquisitions etc.
When required by court orders.
In cases permitted under the Personal Information Protection Law and other related laws and regulations.

2. The Company may provide or disclose the statistical information which does not specify individual users.

4. Disclosure

When we are requested by a user in accordance with the procedures under the Personal Information Protection Law, we will disclose his/her personal information after confirming that the request is really made by him/herself.
The information is not disclosed in the case the Company is not obliged to do so under such laws and regulations.

5. Assessment on Users’ trends

The Company may install the other companies’ modules onto our applications in order to assess and measure use of our Service.

6. Notification of altered privacy policy

The Company will post the amended privacy policy on our website or applications when the privacy policy is altered.
The Company will obtain Users’ consent through procedures the Company consider appropriate when the laws require to do so in amending the privacy policy.

7. Inquiries

Any inquiry about this privacy policy shall be communicated to support@timetreeapp.com (only Japanese)

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